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Butterflies Women's Group, Inc. is a Brooklyn-based, 501c3 Non-profit Organization. Our organization was initially formed in June of 2009, by a Brooklyn Native to provide personal and social support and encourage supportive exchange from woman to woman. Butterflies Women's Group, Inc.'s new GEN Z HUB initiatives' mission is to provide and expose Brooklyn underserved and inner city Gen Z women ages 14-19 years old with information, resources and an understanding of critical skills needed to be socially, financially and physically equipped to navigate adulthood. 


Professional development, Basic Banking, Credit Awareness, Intro to healthy meal prep, and Go Green Art Projects will be a part of our programming. Additionally, the GEN Z HUB will conduct trainings, workshops and Job Fairs in underserved communities of Brooklyn. 


"We are willing to spread our wings and fly to accept happiness, continuous growth, as we achieve one goal at a time"

Kim Perry, Founder -

Butterflies Women's Group, Inc.

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